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As a child of the 1970’s, I freely admit that my comic book opinions are skewed by the Me Decade.  I dig Mike Grell’s Legion, John Romita’s Spider-Man, and Dick Dillin’s JLA.  I know that ROM and the Micronauts are firmly and forever part of the Marvel Universe, licensing restrictions be damned.  I even own a large collection of Treasury-sized editions (comics more giant than Giant-Size), including the wonderful “Superman Vs. The Amazing Spider-Man,” one of the earliest stories I ever read featuring either character.  In part because of this issue, I have always equated Doctor Octopus as being Spider-Man’s

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What Gog Giveth, Gog Taketh Away What happens if you don’t do what a god tells you to do?  That’s what the members of the Justice Society of America are about to find out as Gog makes a demand that not everyone is comfortable with.

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