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Boom StudiosReview

For months some of steered clear of the Stephen Baldwin mini-series The Remnant for fear it would be full of proselytizing in attempt to push a particular religious point of view.   I’m pretty leery when it comes to these kinds of stories, but those that hint at the end of days can be an interesting read if the reader approaches the story from the essential good versus evil theme, and not one that pushes dogma.  For three issues, David Sacker has been caught up in a mystery of those that want to do him harm, and those that are trying

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I sense a theme forming for the week.  Today’s Art Appreciation Moment comes from Julian Totino Tedesco, all the way from Argentina.  If Julian’s work looks familiar, then you may have picked up Boom! Studios’ The Remnant, the Stephen Baldwin reality altering, end of days tale. via Julian Totino Tedesco

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DCFinal CrisisMajor SpoilersMajor Spoilers PodcastPodcast

The Major Spoilers Crew breaks down the latest issue of DC’s Final Crisis in a page by page commentary. Final Crisis #6 Written by Grant Morrison; Art and covers by J.G. Jones and Carlos Pacheco and Jesus Merino As the entire world turns against them, the last of Earth’s Super Heroes must face the unstoppable power of the Gods of Apokolips for the final time. Supergirl vs. Mary Marvel! Superman vs. Darkseid! The fate of the Flash! And the incredible return of the New Gods! The End of Days has come and the ultimate war between good and evil will

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Buffy the Vampire SlayerElectric Tikistatues

Electric Tiki released a tooned up version of the vampire slayer last year at the San Diego Comic Con.  The company is back again with three more maquettes that include End of Days Buffy, Glory, and Dark Willow.  Take the jump for a look at these beauties.

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