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I can’t blame Greg Capullo for wanting to stretch his wings after 50 or so wonderful issues of Batman with Scott Snyder, as great as they were! Also, when Mark Millar comes a-callin’, you’d best answer! Still, I look at Mr. Millar as I do Grant Morrison: When he’s great, he’s excellent, but when he’s not so hot, he blows chunks, in my opinion.

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Ten Things
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Some might say that the world is a chessboard, to which I respond by quoting the sage advice of prog-rock group, Yes:  “Don’t surround yourself with yourself!  Move on back a square!” I don’t really know what it means, but that’s cool, ’cause the news is captured for my queen to use.  (Doot doot doot doot doot doot doot da-doot!)  Welcome to Ten Things!

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MarvelMoviesSneak Peek

Marvel is set to release a new creator-owned series from Mark Millar and Stuart Immonent. Empress #1 arrives under the ICON imprint in April, and we have an early look, after the jump!

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