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Red 5 ComicsReview

Atomic Robo confronts the Shadow From Beyond Time in 1950’s Oregon.

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Marlowe Lewis takes a look at DMZ #42 from Vertigo that is on the stands of your local comic book shop right now.

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ContestMajor Spoilers

I was super pleased with all the entries we received for the 2008 Major Spoilers Costume Contest.  Since then, many of our contestents went on to enter costumes contests from “other” publishers.  Allen Hansard entered with his Spider-Man costume, and won the Wizard Costume Contest and the YouTube Costume Contest as well. His brother just dropped off a pic of Allen atop the Empire State Building. Too Cool!  Thanks for sending this pic our way Adam! Take the jump to see Allen’s YouTube entry.

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Or – “Personally, I Blame Kirsten Dunst.” So.  I’ve been making the joke for months now, and I’m officially ready to retire it here and now, after one final telling:  “Call the Law Firm of Boucher, Likes, McFadden, and Mephisto for all your divorce needs!  We’ll make it like your marriage never happened!!!”  Given that current edict from the EIC, it seems a little bit odd that this title even EXISTS anymore, but any attempt to bring younger readers (or, indeed, female readers) onboard is a welcome change of pace.  Add in a little Terry Moore, and you’ve got my

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