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Marvel has announced incredible Hulk #600 sold out at the distributor level and is heading back to press. The new printing will be available September 09, 2009.

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Those that listen to the Major Spoilers Podcast, and hang on our every word, know I’m a huge Rockford Files fan.  It’s probably one of the best television series to come out of the 70s and early 80s.  Variety is reporting that it has asked House creator and executive producer David Shore to revive the series from the bins and update it for a new age of audiences. Garner’s Emmy-winning portrayal of the ex-con private eye who lived in a trailer in Malibu (and usually worked as hard to get his clients to pay up as he did on solving

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As the march to Ultimatum continues, Marvel is sending out a seemingly endless number of announcements about the series.  At this point, I get it.  The kick-ass Ultimate Watchers had me hooked, and the ominous announcements they/it have made guarantee I’ll be reading the series. But until that day arrives, we’ll continue spreading the word… Like this announcement about a white variant cover to the first issue.

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