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The second issue of Princeless, the second volume four-issue mini-series appears in this month’s issue of Previews, and Action Lab Entertainment released the cover that takes a poke at cheesecake covers.

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A lot of comics are aimed at specific audiences, and although we here at Major Spoiler try our best to be open-minded, sometimes we’re just not in the group that the comic is trying to reach. Today’s example: Princeless, a comic aimed mostly at preteen girls. It may surprise you to learn that there are few preteen girls in the old Major Spoiler Bullpen. It’s true. So I asked my daughter, Alicia, aged 10, for her thoughts on the book. I’ll add my thoughts (in parentheses) to clarify or add context but her opinions are her own. Will this work,

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Press Release Action Lab Entertainment is proud to present the return of 2012 Glyph Winner for Best Heroine, Princess Adrienne!  Last year’s breakout all-ages hit, Princeless is finally making its way back into your comic shops and this time it’s bringing more action, more adventure, and a rogue’s gallery of deadly bounty hunters with their sights set on Adrienne and her new friend Bedelia!

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