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Review Bettie Page Unbound #6 Review 8.0

Bettie Page: Unbound #6 Review

Bettie Page barely has time to settle in after her last dimension jumping adventure when the unthinkable happens, she’s fired! The project has been shuttered, but something tells me the want ads do not have a listing for ex-femme-fatale-super-spy-dimensional-warrior. What is a girl to do? Find out in BETTIE PAGE: UNBOUND #3 from Dynamite Entertainment!

Review The Black Ghost #3 Review 9.0

The Black Ghost #3 Review

Still trying to get a handle on life after being fired and witnessing the death of The Black Ghost, Lara continues her investigation of the crime lord Barnabus. Will her poor life choices doom her before she can uncover her true purpose? From New Wave Comics and Comixology Originals comes THE BLACK GHOST #3.

Review Mecromancer's Map #4 Review 7.7

The Necromancer’s Map #4 Review

It’s off to the big city for Bethany and her friends. Will the library have references to help them translate the map? Where will their quest take them next? Find out in The Necromancer’s Map #4 from Vault Comics.

Review The Necromancer's Map #3 Review 6.0

The Necromancer’s Map #3 Review

Bethany and Elissar have solved the problem of the Void Sickness for Jonas, so now it’s back to trying to find someone who can read the Map. All they need to do is get to the city, and that shouldn’t be too difficult, right? Find out in The Necromancer’s Map #3 from Vault Comics.

Review Bettie Page: Unbound #4 Review 8.0

Bettie Page: Unbound #4 Review

She’s been a warrior, a vampiress, and a princess. Now Bettie Page’s battle against the Great Old Ones takes her to another dimension where she’s… a fairy? Find out more in BETTIE PAGE UNBOUND #4 from Dynamite Comics, on store shelves September 25th!

Review 7.0

The Necromancer’s Map #1 Review

Bethany, the necromancer, has a map that could lead her to a safe place to come to terms with her magic. The problem – no one can read it. Will she have any luck with the mages of The Foggard? Find out in The Necromancer’s Map #1!

Review 8.0

Bettie Page: Unbound #1 Review

Betty Page has had some amazing adventures to date. She’s battled mad scientist, aliens, extra-dimensional elder gods, and more, but nothing could prepare her for the adventures she is about to embark on. It’s the end of the world, unless our Ms. Page can stop it!

Review Elvira: Mistress of the Dark #5 7.0

Elvira: Mistress of the Dark #5 Review

Elvira’s adventures through time leave off with the classic horror authors and turn to the classics. First stop – Dante’s Inferno. What’s a nice girl like Elvira doing in a place like this? Find out in Elvira: Mistress of the Dark #5 from Dynamite Entertainment.

Review Bettie Page #1 Review 9.0

Bettie Page #1 Review

Drawn from secret diaries she kept from her time as a government agent, Special Agent McKnight presents more of the thrilling adventures of Bettie Page! Having fought spies, spooks, and supernatural conquerors, what could Ms. Page possibly be confronted with next? Find out in BETTIE PAGE #1, on shelves now from Dynamite Entertainment!