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I am Canadian. A lot of Canadian culture is tied up in English culture and the media or customs that we, as a country, have retained from our commonwealth roots. As such, the contemporary Doctor Who phenomenon (which is to say, following the 2005 reboot), hit Canada in a big bad way earlier than it hit the United States (where I live now). Throughout my high school and early university career I had friends extoll the virtues of Doctor Who to me, I even saw a few episodes most notably The End of the World, and remained thoroughly unconvinced that

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Forced to make terrible decisions, The Doctor has been abandoned by his own TARDIS, left adrift without the ability to travel through time and space.  But it gets worse when he finds out who his TARDIS has chosen as her new master.  Your Major Spoilers review of Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #15 awaits!

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