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[Preview] Black Widow #4

Probably not a wise idea to take Black Widow off the table, but here we are in this sneak peek of Black Widow #4 from Marvel Comics.

Sneak Peek Black Widow #2

[Preview] Black Widow #2

Something is very wrong with Natasha Romanoff in this week’s Black Widow #2 from Marvel Comics. Take the jump for a sneak peek of the issue.

Sneak Peek Black Widow #1

[Preview] Black Widow #1

A new Black Widow series kicks off on Wednesday, and we have a sneak peek of the issue, just for you, right now… seriously, take the jump.

Review Wonder Woman #750 Review 8.0

Wonder Woman #750 Review

It’s a big anniversary for the Amazing Amazon and another new beginning for DC! Your Major Spoilers review of Wonder Woman #750 from DC Comics awaits!

Sneak Peek Wonder Woman #750

[First Look] Wonder Woman #750

DC Comics has released a first look at some of the interior pages for the upcoming Wonder Woman #750, that features the story and artwork from what seems like thousands of writers and artists.

Review 8.0

Mysteries of Love in Space #1 Review

Space is a cold and lonely place, but even the harshest environments can hold secret love for those who seek it. Uncover the deep, hidden desires of the cruisers of the space lanes, and what makes their hearts go thump-thump-thump in MYSTERIES OF LOVE IN SPACE #1 from DC COMICS!

Review Batman Secret Files #1 Review 7.3

Batman Secret Files #1 Review

Once again we delve into the case files of Gotham’s gallant dark knight as Tom King and a host of other creators fling open the Batman Secret Files #1 from DC Comics. What secrets will be uncovered?

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