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With my recent thoughts on electronic books and digital comic distribution, I really tend to focus on the large page format, where artists can continue to create in the style they are most accustomed to.  But with small being the big thing, what happens to those comics that need to be reduced to a single panel? Balak01 (Yves Bigerel) at the Deviant Art page, has been listening to Scott McCloud and thinks there is definitely a market for the single page digital comic as it provides another unique way to tell a story. Check it out. about DIGITAL COMICS by

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Digital ComicsEditorialFrom the Editor

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been a huge fan of electronic books and digital content for years. I bought one of the first e-readers commercially available, and used it until the batteries were unable to hold a charge any longer.  The black- and -white interface of the e-readers of yesterday and today are perfect for reading books, but for comics — not so good. Beyond the color issue, what else do e-reader creators, comic book publishers, and retailers need to do to make the transition to digital comics a success?  I’ve got a few thoughts on that one.

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