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Garth Ennis’ Battlefields is not your typical comic book series.  It’s not a glorification of war or violence, and it certainly isn’t meant to depict that time period as the Good Ol’ Days.  Instead, Battlefields: Dear Billy #3 demonstrates the impact war has on the individual and how they deal with it.

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Michael George, the comic book retailer and convention organizer, got a reprieve on Friday when Macomb County judge James Biernat set aside his murder conviction. “I’m convinced it will be a miscarriage of justice to allow the verdict to stand,” Biernat said from the bench at the start of a 45-minute statement, adding that each of his reasons on its own “is enough for a new trial.” The ruling drew elation from George and his supporters, and disdain and anger from Barbara George’s family and other supporters. The new trial is set to begin on December 2, 2008. If you

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While I’m sure there are a number of crackpots out there that already think the Angel of Death is on the web, the Ed Brubaker version is coming to the web as an original live-action series in 2009, that you’ll be able to see on Sony Picture Entertainment’s Crackle website. The web series stars actress/stuntwoman Zoe Bell, whom most of you remember from the Grindhouse feature Death Proof. Angel of Death depicts a remorseless assassin (Bell) in the employ of a ruthless crime family. After suffering a severe head wound, she becomes so haunted by her victims that she decides

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