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This Saturday you will be able to download the first episode of Season 4 of Critical Hit. Take the jump to read some information on the setting, and the official announcement of the new season’s title.

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This issue: Orem ventures into the world of Man, where he encounters someone and something not quite human as the Eladrin attempts to track down his missing instructor. If you aren’t familiar with the 4th edition of D&D, you might want to check out Major Spoilers Podcast #28 and Major Spoilers Podcast #89 Part One:  Dramatis Personae! Part Two:  Graduation Day! [podcast][/podcast] Direct Download Subscribe via iTunes RSS Feed Podcast Alley Come back tomorrow for the next installment of this MSP D&D Extravaganza! Contact us at A big Thank You goes out to everyone who downloads, subscribes, listens, and

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Are you stumped for what you want your next D&D 4e character to be? Wish you could somehow adapt one of your favorite characters to a medieval, high fantasy setting? Look no further, in this article I’ll be taking everyone’s favorite teleporting fuzzy elf and giving him the D&D treatment. If you’d like a step by step account of how a character is created in 4th edition, check out our podcast, in which Stephen makes a Fancypants Elf.

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