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abcAgent CarterFeaturedHayley AtwellMarvelReview

Snafu raises the stakes for the S.S.R. agents and forces them to accept Peggy as an ally once more in an effort to save the Chief.

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abcAgent CarterEdwin JarvisFeaturedHayley AtwellMarvelPeggy CarterReview

Agent Carter episode 1.3 Time and Tide deals a lot with the mysteries of Jarvis’ past, S.S.R. takes a loss and we gets hints at a nemesis.

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abcAgent CarterAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D.FeaturedHayley AtwellMarvelReview

The long-awaited Agent Carter tv series opens with James Bond-level espionage and action, but balances it out with real emotional beats. This pilot excels at everything that the Agents of SHIELD pilot failed at.

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AlfredMajor SpoilersPoll

If you’re one of the idle rich, who laze away the day by the pool, hang with the beauties, and get a lot of press for being rich, but by night you are a secret avenger, striking fear into the hearts of men, having a manservant who can keep your secret, yet help you out in your quest for justice is a top priority. Alfred Pennyworth has been the Batman’s batman for years and has patched up the Dark Knight more times than we can count.  Likewise, Edwin Jarvis began catering Tony Stark, but eventually found himself waiting hand and

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