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What the heck is the Julian Challenge?  During the Major Spoilers 100th Issue Extravaganza, the Major Spoilers Crew challenged Julian to collect 50 signatures from those in the comic book and pop culture industry in exchange for a kick-ass Hellboy statue. What’s Julian think of all of this?  Take the jump and find out in his own words.

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Joe QuesadaMarvel

Well this is an interesting turn of events.  The weekly conversation with Marvel Editor in Chief Joe Quesada is ending over at Myspace’s Comic Books. Yeah. This will be our last week here. We didn’t really give any advance warning, ’cause we wanted to go out business-as-usual, and hopefully with a bang as well. The big thing is, right now my schedule is just in…sane with work, and I find myself not being able to find the time and devote myself to this column as I’d like to… We’ve had a lot of fill-ins that have been great, but it’s

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BatmanFan FilmHumorMoviesThe Dark Knight

Check out these deleted scenes from the new Dark Knight movie. See <a href=”″ mce_href=”″>EXCLUSIVE Dark Knight Deleted Scene</a> and more <a href=”” mce_href=””>funny videos</a> on <a href=”” mce_href=””></a> See more funny videos at Funny or Die Man, I’m glad editors know what they are doing ;)

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From the Editor

Hey everyone. Just wanted to post an official response to a certain unhappy lurker on the Major Spoilers site, in regards to comments. As most of you who have visited the site know, we try to make this as fun a destination as it can be. Yes, some stories suck, and some rock, but that is totally at the discretion of the editors of the site. Many of you also know that you are free to comment on any of these articles, providing your comments have meaning. In other words, comments like “W00T First!” and “This story sucks balls!” have

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Adam Hughesartcomic conventionDCPoster

Over at the official Adam Hughes site, the master has unveiled his Women of the DC Universe poster that you’ll only be able to pick up at the various conventions Hughes will be appearing at this year. This is the line art, before DC asked Adam to add Catwoman. You’ll notice on the art on Adam’s table, he had lightly penciled Selina Kyle in on the left hand side. The editors at DC saw this photograph, and asked that she be added to the roster of Heroines and Villianesses on the piece. At that time, the image had already been

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Digital DownloadMangaTokyopop

Tokyopop and GoComics have announced an agreement where the two companies will work together to bring many o Tokyopop’s titles to mobile phones. To kick off the event, GoComics will be branding the Tokyopop content under the GoComics Mobile Manga banner as well as a spin-off Tokyopop section. “Our Mobile Manga is a great user experience and satisfies discriminating creators, editors and fans alike. A major reason for this is GoComics’ commitment to quality, simplicity, and an artistic adaptation that preserves the manga pacing while converting pages into a panel-by-panel format,” said TOKYOPOP Director of New Product Development Jeremy Ross.

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