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Even though SDCC’09 attendees will be flooded with booths from companies trying to push their latest comics and throngs of people trying to get a sketch or autograph from their favorite creators, I think some of the coolest booths are those that simply show off their appreciation for a particular topic.  Take D23 for example.  It isn’t some Dungeons & Dragons dice combo, but rather the Official Community for Disney Fans, and the group will showcase costumes and props from movies like The Rocketeer, The Black Hole, and the 1982 version of Tron.  Just the thought of seeing V.I.N.cent again

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Top Cow

If you have some change to spare, you can either A) Make a donation in the Major Spoilers Tip Jar, or B) Drop some money on the Tip Cow Broken Trinity Lithograph.  Hey, it’s your choice, but I think we all know which one I would pick. The limited edition lithograph featuring the Broken Trinity issue covers by Jeffry Spokes. “We were introduced to Jeffrey Spokes’ work by Broken Trinity writer Ron Marz and I was immediately taken by his incredible sense of design and artistry,” says Top Cow Publisher Filip Sablik. “We’re incredibly proud to offer Jeffrey’s three covers

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