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Venom #1 Review

Continuing with the legacy numbering that Marvel has announced, this past week gave us Venom #1.  Wait, that doesn’t make sense, according to the cover this is #1, Legacy #166.  Regardless, it’s a new fresh start with a new creative team.  So how is this new #1/166?  Read on to find out.

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MarvelReviewUltimate Spider-Man

Sometimes life just kicks you in the teeth for fun Even though Peter Parker is the everyman hero that we can all sympathize with, I in no way would ever want to be Peter Parker.  The kid can’t catch a break.  If it isn’t some huge international military agency keeping tracks on your every move, it’s the villain of the week trying to wreck your day, and to top it all off, just when you think you’re going to make with the snoo-snoo with that hot red head Mary Jane, your personal stalker shows up.

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Art AsylumDiamond Select ToysMarvelMiniMatesToys

Diamond Select Toys has announced the next wave of its Marvel Minimates line will be on the way soon, with all new characters, villains, and costumes. Series 23 will contain several two-packs featuring characters taken from the past twenty years of Marvel history. Nova will be paired with Gamora, Cloak will team up with Dagger and the Spymaster will take on War Machine in this all-star lineup. The variant War Machine featuring Jim Rhodes will also be available as a limited chase figure. With the ongoing success of the Amazing Spider-Man, it was only a matter of time before his

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AnimationcartoonCWKids WBMarvelSpider-ManTelevision

This weekend, during the season finale of The Spectacular Spider-Man, it’s Peter Parker against Eddie Brock in a smack down drag out fight in the middle of the Thanksgiving holiday. The CW and Kids’ WB! has sent Major Spoilers your first look at the episode.

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