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Brubaker and Phillips to release two graphic novel hardcovers this summer

The multiple Eisner Award winning creative powerhouse behind such hits as My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies and Bad Weekend—Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips—are back with twice the content in the forthcoming original graphic novel tale of ’30s era crime—Pulp—and the upcoming Criminal collected edition Cruel Summer. Both graphic novel hardcovers will be available from Image Comics this Summer, in July and August respectively.

Review Friday #1 Review 8.0

Friday #1 Review

Friday Fitzhugh is back home, but all that’s waiting to welcome her back is mystery.  Your Major Spoilers review of Friday #1 from Panel Syndicate awaits.

Review Criminal #12 Review 10.0

Criminal #12 Review

In Criminal #12 from Image Comics, Teeg Lawless survives the attempt on his life.  He chases Farraday, a PI who has followed and kidnapped his mistress, Jane.  A terrible car accident ensues, casting a shadow over the life of Teeg, and his conflicted son, Ricky.  What happens next will stun you.  And to find out what happens next, check out your Major Spoilers review!

Review Criminal #11 Review 10.0

Criminal #11 Review

The explosive heist we’ve been waiting for reaches its culmination in Criminal #11 from Image Comics, Inc.  Wrestle Madness is the target of the robbers, and Teeg Lawless is the point man.  But is his paranoia getting the better of him, so much that he threatens the gang’s chances of success?  Find out in our Major Spoilers review!

Review Criminal #10 Review 10.0

Criminal #10 Review

Events, and characters, begin to coalesce as Criminal #10 sets the stage for the robbery next issue.  Private Eye Dan Farraday’s obsession with Jane has led him down a dark path of drink and poor choices.  Ricky, after killing a security guard, spends his time brooding over his absent brother, Tracy.  Jane, meanwhile, nurses her plan for riches and a chance to escape the life, and lies, she leads.  And as for Teeg, well, he’s boozing and beating up on Ricky.  Where do all these characters find themselves by issues’ end?  Find out in our Major Spoilers review of Criminal #10 from Image Comics.

Review Criminal #9 Review 9.3

Criminal #9 Review

Leo is ice while his best friend Ricky Lawless is fire-and as we soon discover, control and unpredictability together are a dangerous pairing.  So, when Leo plans a heist of a local arcade Ricky tags along, but of course when there’s a lawless involved trouble soon follows.  What happens when Ricky and Leo take down the arcade?  Find out in a new Major Spoilers review!

Review Criminal #8 Review 9.7

Criminal#8 Review

While Teeg Lawless and his cronies plan their next score, Jane pulls a thread and finds Ricky Lawless lurking, in the shadows, with a .38.  Who gets to pull the trigger?  Find out in your Major Spoilers review of Criminal #8 from Image Comics.

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