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James Bond #3
Dynamite EntertainmentJames BondSneak Peek

Dynamite Entertainment continues the James Bond story with Black Box Part 3: Death Mask in James Bond #3 by Benjamin Percy and Rapha Lobosco.

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Batman The Shadow #2
BatmanDCDynamite EntertainmentSneak PeekThe Shadow

We loved the heck out of Batman/The Shadow #1 from DC Comics and Dynamite Entertainment. With the second issue arriving on May 24th, we have an early look for those that want to know what happens next.

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BatmanDCDueling Review PodcastDynamite EntertainmentFeaturedMajor SpoilersPodcastReviewThe Shadow

Stephen geeks out a little too hard in this week’s Dueling Review as he and Matthew take a look at Batman/The Shadow #1 from DC Comics and Dynamite Entertainment.

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Street Fighter
Dynamite EntertainmentPress ReleaseSolicitations

PRESS RELEASE –  Hot on the heels of its bestselling video game retrospective Art of Atari, Dynamite Entertainment announces the next volume in its Video Game Iconsseries, Undisputed Street Fighter™: The Art and Innovation Behind the Game-Changing Series, written by Steve Hendershot and edited by Tim Lapetino.

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Dynamite EntertainmentKISSSneak Peek

Amy Chu and Kewbar Baal continue to knock it out of the park with KISS #7, out this week from Dynamite Entertainment.

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Doc Savage: Ring of Fire #2
Doc SavageDynamite EntertainmentSneak Peek

I can’t wait for the new installment of Doc Savage: Ring of Fire to arrive this week. Fortunately, Dynamite Entertainment sent us a sneak peek.

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Dynamite EntertainmentGreen HornetSolicitationsThe Spirit

Dynamite Entertainment has announced a new team-up series – Green Hornet ’66 Meets The Spirit, written by Fred Van Lente with art by Bob Q.

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Justice Inc. The Avenger
Dynamite EntertainmentJustice Inc.Solicitations

It has been quite a while since we’ve had a Justice, Inc. series, but Dynamite is bringing The Avenger back in July.

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AtariDynamite EntertainmentSolicitationsVideo Games

Dynamite Entertainment continues its Atari comic book run with Centipede #1  by Max Bemis and Eoin Marron.

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andy diggleDynamite EntertainmentJames BondSolicitations

This week, James Bond: Felix Leiter #4 arrives in stores. But that isn’t the end of James Bond series, as Dynamite Entertainment has announced the July release of James Bond: Kill Chain.

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Bettie Page #1
Dynamite EntertainmentSolicitations

Did you know Bettie Page had a secret undercover life? No? Then you’ll want to pick up Bettie Page #1 in July from Dynamite Entertainment.

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Greatest Adventure #1
Bill WillinghamDynamite EntertainmentSneak Peek

Great adventure or greatest adventure? I’m going to go with Greatest Adventure #1 because it is from Bill Willingham and Cezar Razek.

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Red Sonja #4
Dynamite EntertainmentRed SonjaSneak Peek

Amy Chu is a writing machine at Dynamite Entertainment. This week she has two books in the stores, and we have a sneak peek of Red Sonja #4 after the jump.

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KISS The Demon #4
Dynamite EntertainmentKISSSneak Peek

KISS THE DEMON! Oh…wait… not Kiss the Demon, but rather KISS: The Demon #4. Sneak peek after the jump!

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