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Sneak Peek KISS: BLood and Stardust #4

[Preview] KISS: Blood And Stardust #4

Moonson didn’t bargain for the mighty power of Kiss to stop his evil plan, so how will he deal with them, and what does the Illuminati have to do with it? Find out in this week’s KISS: Blood and Stardust #4 from Dynamite Entertainment.

Review Turok #1 Review 6.0

Turok #1 Review

Seeking to escape from the pursuing Union soldiers, Turok and his young brother, Andar, find themselves in a land where the dinosaur still roam. Will they find a new way of life or will they find only death? From Dynamite Entertainment, TUROK #1 is on shelves now!

Sneak Peek Turok #1

[Preview] Turok #1

A new hero rises! Turok pursues his kidnapped brother… in the Badlands of the Old West! I don’t think we are going to see any dinosaurs in this week’s Turok #1 from Dynamite Entertainment.

Sneak Peek Red Sonja #5

[Preview] Red Sonja Vol. 4 #25

When the She-Devil saves a musician from a gang of thieves, she learns that some things are mightier than the sword. Find out what happens next in Red Sonja #25 from Dynamite Entertainment.

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