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PRESS RELEASE:   Dynamite Entertainment and Red Sonja, LLC, are proud to announce that leading multi-platform entertainment company Shout! Factory has adapted the critically acclaimed Red Sonja: Queen of Plagues storyline written by Gail Simone (Batgirl, Secret Six) and illustrated by Walter Geovani (Vampirella, Witchblade) into a full-length animated feature. Measuring 72 minutes in length and featuring voice acting (including the talented Misty Lee of Ultimate Spider-Man), sound effects, and music, the Red Sonja film transforms the seminal, epic comic book series’ artwork into a thrilling experience of motion and sound. The film is available in Blu-Ray and DVD formats

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PRESS RELEASE:  Dynamite Entertainment is proud to announce an agreement with Mechanist Games to produce original comics based on their forthcoming Heroes of Skyrealm game.

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Dynamite Entertainment is going to bring the kick-ass kung-fu noir tale, Intertwined, to comic book stores.

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Dynamite Entertainment is also getting in on the Art of series, with the release of The Art of Path of Exile which documents the art and design of the popular RPG.

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PRESS RELEASE:    Horror comic fans have reasons to celebrate (which may include throwing up hand-horns and banging their heads) in November when Dynamite Entertainment releases the latest addition to their merchandising line: the Chaos! Comics Enamel 4-Pin Set! The announcement of these fashionable and frightening pieces of flair arrives in tandem with the company’s expansion of their collectible Women of Dynamite statue line to include Red Sonja “Diamond Eye”, Dejah Thoris “Diamond Eye”, and Jungle Girl “Black & White” statue variants, each one limited to only 99 statues of its kind in the world.

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Dynamite Entertainment has announced it has hired Jeff Parker and Jesse Hamm to take on a new Flash Gordon storyline beginning in November.

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Dynamite Entertainment has announced it is working with F84 Games to bring Red Sonja, the She-Devil with a sword, to video game consoles… AND GAIL SIMONE IS WRITING THE STORY!

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If you are a gamer, and have always wished you could bring the world of John Carter of Mars into your Pathfinder adventure, you are in luck! Dynamite Entertainment and Paizo Publishing have teamed for Pathfinder: Worldscape, which opens the doors to gaming.

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PRESS RELEASE: The cultural phenomenon that swept the nation in the 90’s is back, and for the first time ever, Homies are coming to the comic shop! Dynamite Entertainment proudly presents the comic book adventures of Hollywood, Big Loco, Smiley, Gata, and the rest of the Homies cast, courtesy of all-new stories by Homies creator David Gonzales, Elliott Serrano, and Andrew Huerta. The October 2016 comic book debut precedes the widely-anticipated November release of Homies: A David Gonzales Retrospective, a 280-page art book chronicling the turbulent times, remarkable artistry, and youthful street culture of a pop culture phenomenon.

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PRESS RELEASE:   Just in time for Halloween, Dynamite Entertainment’s cornerstone title Army of Darkness crosses over with one of television’s greatest fantasy adventure programs of all time – Xena, Warrior Princess! Debuting in October, the all-new Army of Darkness / Xena, Warrior Princess: Forever… and a Day four-part miniseries not only brings together these two beloved characters, but also legendary Uncanny X-Men veteran (and current Red Hood and the Outlaws writer) Scott Lobdell and DC Comics artist Elliot Fernandez (Harley Quinn and Power Girl)!

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Earlier this week, Dynamite Entertainment announced it would adapt the original James Bond novels into comic book form, and while that is great news, Dynamite is going a step further by announcing a new James Bond tale, James Bond: Hammerhead.

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On Thursday and Friday this week, Dynamite Entertainment will host two panels at the San Diego Comic Con, and have revealed their lineup of panels.

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Dynamite Entertainment has announced it plans to publish Sons of Ares, a comic book prequel to Pierce Brown’s Red Rising trilogy.

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PRESS RELEASE:  The Canadian horror comedy Wolfcop follows the exploits of a small town cop with a big time secret: he’s a werewolf! Now, Dynamite Entertainment will have everyone’s favorite alcoholic, lycanthropic lawman tearing out of the big screen and into the comic shop with an all-new series! Written by Max Marks with art by Arcana Studios, the Wolfcop comic book series will pit Lou Garou against bigger, badder, and meaner monsters than anything that has threatened Woodhaven before!

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