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Sneak Peek Vampirella #4

[Preview] Vampirella Vol 5 #4

While several of Vampirella’s classic enemies gather under mysterious circumstances, Vampirella is goaded into committing a heroic act which may thrust her into the public eye. It all goes down in this week’s Vampirella #4 from Dynamite Entertainment.

Sneak Peek Chastity #2

[Preview] Chastity Vol 2 #2

Chastity finds herself part of a group of kidnapped women. But why were they taken, and who’s behind this? Take the jump for this sneak peek of Chastity #2 from Dynamite Entertainment.

Sneak Peek Vampirella/Red Sonja #2

[Preview] Vampirella/Red Sonja #2

Vampirella takes a potion. Red Sonja gets hung upside-down by magic. What will happen next? Find out in this sneak peek of Vampirella/Red Sonja #2 from Dynamite Entertainment.

Review Black Terror #1 Review 7.3

Black Terror #1 Review

The battles has been fought, the war has been won and the criminals have been punished. Now Bob Benton is adjusting to life as a normal pharmacist. But after having lived the life of the Black Terror, can he be satisfied filling prescriptions? Let’s find out in BLACK TERROR #1 from Dynamite comics

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