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Dynamite Entertainment has a small week this week, but two great titles make up for that.  Take the jump for a sneak peek of Project Superpowers #6, and Zorro #7.

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Dynamite EntertainmentProject SuperpowersReview

Or – “Strong Instincts Got Me Where I Am Today…” Which is to say, the position of “Ineffectual Middle Management Suckup” with a part-time job at a comic store and a gig writing on the intarwebs.  I will not say that I’m always right about whether or not a comic series will succeed.  I rooted for Martian Manhunter, after all, and was a big fan of the recently deceased Shadowpact series.  But, barring the occasional title for which I have an inexplicable fondness, my comic-picking thought process has a not-too-terrible batting average.  When this book was advertised, I suspected that

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