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Taking a break from the main storyline, this month’s Rat Queens gives us insights into the posse’s main muscle, Violet. Who is Violet exactly? Where does come from? Why does she shave her glorious dwarven beard? Major Spoilers investigates.

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Major Spoilers

For some reason, the Major Spoilers Crew veered off into talking about the Dark Crystal, and decided to examine the 27 year old film that has gained a huge cult following on the next podcast. The Dark Crystal is a cult 1982 fantasy film directed by puppeteers Jim Henson and Frank Oz, creators of The Muppet Show. Although still marketed as a family film, it was notably darker than previous material created by them. Characters for which they are famous do not appear, but some of the same performers are used. The animatronics used in the film were considered groundbreaking

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IDW Publishing

IDW Publishing has announced it will release a five-issue mini-series based on American McGee’s Grimm videogame in April 2009. The series allows Grimm, the macabre dwarf who wreaks havoc on fairy-tale tableus, as he exits the latest fairy tale he darkened only to discover bright and sunny superhero comics. He enters the world, kick-starting a “Crisis on Earth 57,” where he launches a secret invasion crisis into a domain where villains are doomed to fail… until he gets involved! The series will be written by Dwight MacPherson with art by Grant Bond as Grimm invades world after world of comics.

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