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Review 6.0

All America Comix – Review

A new hero has arisen. One that is truly representative of a teenager of our time. She is addicted to technology, a fierce character, and has a strong desire to change the world! Come check the All-America Comix by Image Comics.

Sneak Peek Folklords #3

[Preview] Folklords #3

Outside of the village, life is no fairy tale—and Ansel has learned this the hard way in this week’s Folklords #3 from BOOM! Studios.

Review Jeff Lemire, Dustin Nguyen, Ascender, robot, Descender, machine, nature, Mother, Mila, father, 9.0

Ascender #1 Review

I love longer stories, especially when they’re good ones! That was the case with Descender, which was really epic in nature.Now, along comes another tale from the same universe, this time called Ascender. I’ve really been looking forward to it, and the debut issue did not disappoint.

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