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Elementary, my dear brother!  The Raven did it. When Boom! Studios sent me an advanced copy of Poe #1, I was certain it would fall into some boring tale of a writer gone mad, so I was not too interested in reading the series.  However, a mere two pages in, and something amazing happened; I discovered a kickin’ story that brings Sherlock Holmes to America.

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Boom StudiosPress Release

Press Release Many know Edgar Allen Poe as not only the father of modern horror, but also the creator of the detective genre. But did you know he was a detective himself? Enter the world of new BOOM! Studios series POE and follow the famous author of darkness as he tracks a supernatural killer ravaging the streets of Baltimore! Written by skilled newcomer J. Barton Mitchell, POE #1 features art by fan-favorite Dean Kotz and sports two variant covers by superstars Declan Shalvey — artist on the Eagle award-winning HERO KILLERS — and IRREDEEMABLE cover artist Jeffery Spokes!

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