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So the big news buzzing around H’wood yesterday was the report that a work print copy of the upcoming Wolverine movie had indeed been leaked onto the Intard-webz, and was making the rounds on the various torrent sites.  While this probably has many fanboys slobering more than usual, as they analyze every single frame of a movie, that isn’t the locked final print, and spouting their proclamations far and wide for whoever will listen in hopes of gaining some respect, and possibly losing their virginity (finally), the rest of us should just ignore it and wait until May. More ramblings

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Or – “I Honestly Have NO Idea When These Books Came Out…”   Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends…  much like the harassment you get when you wear the pizza suit and dance on the corner in front of a Cici’s.  Even when you’re cutting back on comics purchases, like I have, the urge to review more comics than there is time to review them is strong.  Makes me with there were 8 days a week, actually.  Thus, we at Stately Spoilers Manor have created this handy, dandy method of touching upon things going on at Penny Lane,

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