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Though it has become one of the longest running jokes in video game-dom, Duke Nukem is getting closer to a release date, which means, it is time to start the marketing campaign. Duke Nukem Forever will arrive someday… just not today.  

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Press Release IDW Publishing and Gearbox have joined forces to bring “The King” to comics for the very first time, in DUKE NUKEM: GLORIOUS BASTARD. An integral part of the massive Duke Nukem relaunch happening in June with the long-awaited release of the Duke Nukem Forever video game, this four-issue series will kick off in July and bring all the awesome battles and babes (and beers!) that Duke fans have wanted for more than a decade. Rising comics and video game writer Tom Waltz (Silent Hill: Past Life, Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime) pens DUKE NUKEM: GLORIOUS BASTARD, while artist Xermanico

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Did anyone actually think we would get a Duke Nukem Forever game? Sure they hyped it up recently and said it was for sure happening, but really… the game has been in development for over a decade. So it comes as no surprise that Gearbox announced yet another delay in the game. At least they are having fun with it… I wonder what the Vegas odds are on this game arriving on the new release date? 10,000:1? That may be too low.

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