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Or, “Whatever Happened To That Flash Kid?” How many people think that “Wonder Woman Dipped In Honey” is going to bring us the hits like “Russian Ballerina In Leather Panties” did so long ago?  I’m sure, somewhere, there’s an entire newsgroup dedicated to things like that.  Maybe “”  Either way, several months ago, at the end of the Lightning Saga, Wally West returned from the dead and and to League membership, but then took a spontaneous leave of absence.  If you read ‘Flash,’ you may know where he’s been, but it may be a surprise as to why he has

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Or, “Hell’s Kitchen has more than one cook…” Okay, so I admit that even though the street-level vigilante/hero is just about my favorite genre (right after patriotic based heroes); it has been years since I read Daredevil. Matter of fact, the last time I picked the book up regularly was the days of the “Fall from Grace” back in 1994. As a matter of fact, my reading of Daredevil has always been sort of like an awkward date. You really enjoy the time you spent on the date, but there are other things going on and you get distracted. Then

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