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I don’t get the fascination everyone has with Oliva Munn.  Sure, she’s attractive, and has some geek cred, but to drool over her as the greatest, hottest, woman on the planet perplexes me.  I mean, we all know that title goes to Charisma Carpenter (followed closely by Charmane Star). Here she tries to bump Charisma out of the top spot, and win me over with her knowledge of Bones Thugs n Harmony while dressed as Sailor Moon. While she didn’t win me over this time, I’m sure she just created a new fetish for someone. via Oliva Munn

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See what happens when you don’t read all your comics the day they are released? Hey, I know this past week saw the release of Terra #3, but I realized when I sat down to read the issue, that I hadn’t had the pleasure of reading Terra #2.  Don’t ask me how that works, but needless to say, I think I was blinded by the incredible cover, and was temporarily mind warped into believing I had enjoyed ever page.  Now that the purple haze has cleared, here’s your belated review, with the Major Spoilers tease that is becoming more and

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If you haven’t guessed, Marvel is in the midst of a huge company wide story featuring those wrinkled chin baddies – the Skrulls. Yeah, duh… If you are eager to snag up every single issue, Marvel has sent the cover images of the upcoming tie-in issues for you to check out and possibly drool over.  All of the issues ship between now and August 13, 2008. Personally, I don’t have the time or money to buy every single tie-in, but I’m thinking of giving that Greg Horn, Ms. Marvel issue a chance.

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