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If you don’t have the Disney XD channel on your cable box, or if you are someone who just refuses to pay for overpriced drek, you can still get your 1990’s Spider-Man animated series fix over on the Marvel website. The first episode kicked off this week, and Marvel plans on releasing one new episode each week until all 65 of the original episodes are online for your amusement. Best of all, the streaming video is free, so you won’t be out anything besides 30 minutes of your day. via Marvel

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The big trend in promoting comics has been taking a series or issue and turning it into a “Motion Comic”.  This is where the art is scanned or imported into a motion graphics application like Adobe After Effects, and then manipulated to give the illusion you are watching an animated feature.  I’ve seen some really good stuff, and I’ve seen some absolute drek. The latest comic to get the treatment is the old Batman: Black and White series from DC Comics.  I’ve watched the trailer and it does look pretty good, and will more than likely check out the ten

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