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Or, “No, really, remind me who Steve Rogers is?” Well, hot off the news that American Dream #1 has sold out I get to review the second issue, and number two is keeping me as thrilled as number one did! This is how comics used to be, and I really wish that Marvel would bring back the MC2 Universe in a more regular way. Sure, the Spider-Girl series is good, but there is so much more MC2 love out there to discover!

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American DreamMarvelSneak Peek

The first adventure of Ms. Captain America as seen in American Dream #1 has sold out at the distributor level. While Marvel says they have no plans to go back to press, you can bet a second printing will be along shortly. In the mean time, Marvel Comics has sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of the second issue that arrives this week.

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Or, “Steve Rogers? Who’s Steve Rogers?” Last year Matt did a review of Avengers Next issue #1-5, and other than that, I have not had much exposure to the MC2 Universe, but here is what I know: MC2’s Earth-982 has heroes and villains that are descendant from the Marvel Heroes we know and love. The whole concept started with What If…? #105 and the story of May Parker, the daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson-Parker. In the standard 616 Marvel Universe, May was (supposedly) kidnapped as a child, never to be seen in continuity again. In the 982

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