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CosplayDragon ConFeatured

Major Spoilerite, Frank attended Dragon*Con in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago, and he sent over a plethora of pictures of people on parade in their fancy duds and well made costumes.

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Dragon ConPress Release

Press Release Making its return to Dragon*Con, Big City Comics Studio is proud to debut their newest book, WHORE, as well as hold daily contests and giveaways.

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comic conventionDragon Con

Critical Hit and Major Spoilers fan, J.J. is at Dragon Con this weekend, and sent in some pictures from his Friday journeys on the con floor.

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comic conventionCosplayDragon ConFeatured

Major Spoilerite Frank and his wife made it to the annual Dragon Con in Atlanta, Ga.  They were nice enough to take some pictures from the parade and the show floor.

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