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Archie ComicsSneak Peek

This week, Archie Comics sent us a sneak peek at Archie & Friends #129, Archie Digest #252, and Sonic the Hedgehog #198.

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Archie Comics

When comics from larger publishers cease a popular series run at #183, seeing Sonic the Hedgehog from Archie Comics hit 200 issues is a pretty big milestone.  That’s 15 years worth of little blue hedgehog running through comic book pages. Now, the epic anniversary issue you’ve been waiting for is finally here!  Back in Sonic #50, Sonic managed to win against his arch-rival, Dr. Robotnik.  In Sonic #175, the doctor got his revenge!  Now, in issue #200, they duel for the fate of the world!  Will freedom come to Mobius?  Or will the Eggman Empire rule forever more?  Place your

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