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What could be better than another Atomic Robo series? How about TWO Atomic Robo series? This week kicks off a new Atomic Robo ongoing anthology series, that will run alongside the next Atomic Robo mini-series. With Scott Wegener absent from this series in order to keep up with the mini, with Robo still sparkle and shine, or will it seem like a rusty imitation?

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It’s summertime, and you know what that means?  It’s Comic Book Movie season.  Already this year we’ve seen Thor, and X-Men: First Class.  But with Green Lantern, Captain America, and Cowboys vs. Aliens just around the corner, we at Major Spoilers believe that another favorite comic book should see the glow of the silver screen. That comic book is Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener’s “Atomic Robo”.  Take the jump, and see who made the cut.

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Atomic RoboRed 5 Comics

It’s true!  Dr. Dinosaur, the surprise hit character from the Atomic Robo Free Comic Book Day edition last year is making a return appearance in the third issue of Atomic Robo and the Revenge of the Vampire Dimension.  Not only does the Dr. Dinosaur appearance send this series to the top of my read pile, but the title for this fourth volume kicks all kinds of ass. I wonder if Atomic Robo ever teamed up with the likes of Buckaroo Banzai, Jack Burton, or Doc Savage? via Atomic Robo

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