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Apparently this announcement was made ealier this week, but didn’t become aware of the date/month change for New York Comic Con 2010 until today.  The show has announced the NYCC event is moving to October, while the show organizers plan a new show for Chicago. So why October for NYCC? To put it bluntly, we really didn’t have any choice in the matter. We had been meeting with the Javits on and off for over a year trying to find acceptable dates, with room to grow, that we could keep for multiple years. We looked at everything; moving other Reed

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Longing for the days when you used to stumble downstairs in your jammies during the wee hours, grab your bowl of Sugar Frosted Chochy Snap Bombs and turn on the television to watch the Super Friends without waking your parents? Get your jammies and pray your grocery still carries Sugar Frosted Chochy Snap Bombs, cause Boomerang – the last place to see all your ’60’s and ’70’s cartoons without commercial interruption – is bringing fans a Super Friends marathon. DC Comics’ Justice League superheroes will save the day as episodes from four classic Saturday-morning animated series from the ’70s and

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