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From the EditorMajor SpoilersPodcast

Yes it is time for a shameless plug for the Major Spoilers Podcast.  We’re pushing our way to 2,000 downloads per episode, and as soon as we pass that mark on a regular basis, you’ll be seeing even more great things from the Major Spoilers Gang of Idiots. “It’s always refreshing to come upon a podcast that is done by people who SHOULD be podcasting.  These guys do a great job of talking all things comics and pop culture.  They’re geeks without being losers. That’s a good thing.  Keep up the great work guys.” -Bighonkin “These guys have it all

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Major SpoilersMajor Spoilers PodcastPodcast

As part of the Major Spoilers 2nd Birthday Celebration, Major Spoilers presents some of the “lost” conversations that you’ve never heard before. 10 days of daily podcasts that you’ve been asking for! Recorded on Earth-28: Rodrigo enlightens everyone on the fourth edition of the very popular Dungeons and Dragons role playing game. [podcast][/podcast] Direct Download Subscribe via iTunes RSS Feed Podcast Alley Contact us at Music from this episode comes from Ookla the Mok. You can visit them on the web at and purchase their music at the iTunes Music Store. A big Thank You goes out to

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Major SpoilersWeek in Review

It was Spring Break here at Stately Spoiler Manor and while we didn’t have the Girls Gone Wild Bus parked in front of the Manor, we did have some sweet items to share with the world. Saturday: The Boys! Sunday: RASL scores high marks, as does X-Factor #29 Monday: Hero History: Sun Boy, T-Bird and Throttle, and Marvel Adapts the Stand Tuesday: Mighty Avengers #9 and #10, and Wow Figures excite Wednesday: The first seven issues of Thor get the treatment on the Major Spoilers Podcast (KRAK-A-DOOOOM!), Wulf and Batsy from Viper Comics gets an early review, and Michael Cera

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