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Top Cow

Top Cow sent Major Spoilers a PDF of the first issue of Postal, that you can download and read for free. FREE!

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I used to hate being asked “Paper or plastic?” when I shopped in a grocery store. But comics buyers face a similar problem when purchasing their favorite books.

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Big Blue starts anew, senior citizens in skin tight leather, Major Spoilers Theme Song, free swag in the bag, and more comics than you can reasonably shake a stick at! Plus: Matthew, Matthew, Matthew, and some crap from those other guys, Stan and… um… Reynaldo, or something. All this and much, much more, as the Major Spoilers podcast hits 37… in a row!? This episode is sponsored in part by the Mid-Ohio-Con ( [podcast][/podcast] Direct Download Subscribe via iTunes RSS Feed Podcast Alley Show Notes after the Jump!

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Heroic Publishing

Heroic Publishing let Major Spoilers know the latest issues of Champions is available now at CHAMPIONS #41 features Part One of the origin story, “The Birth of Raven Gold.” CHAMPIONS #42 features Part Two of the origin story, “The Making of Raven Gold.” Both chapters are by writer Wilson Hill, with artwork by J. Adam Walters and Daniel Lauer, and feature guest appearances by Flare, Lady Arcane, the League of Champions, and the fabulous Flying Fox. CHAMPIONS #42 also includes two Flare Sunday pages by Dennis Mallonee and Gordon Purcell, plus the all-new adventure, “Foxbrats,” by Dennis Mallonee, Ciro

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