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Well, we all saw that comin’ For anyone who can pick up and read Previews, I don’t think it came as any surprise that this issue featured the death of a character a lot of readers, including the title character himself, had fallen in love with.  Unlike other comic book deaths, this one was turned out to be extremely brutal, and the method in how it happened makes this a huge milestone for the series.

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DCGeoff JohnsJSAReview

Bow down to Gog After reading the final installment of this colon series, I’m really glad DC decided to spin these one-shots and specials out of JSA.  The Gog/Magog/Kingdom story has gone on long enough, and compressing four months worth of story into three one-shots solves the problem of the story grinding in place.  Fortunately, Gog makes a demand that may cause the breakdown to occur.

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IDW PublishingSolicitations

IDW has announced it is reviving long out of print science fiction tales in its New Classics of the Fantastic line.  First up from the company will be the Hugo Award-winning Nightwings by Robert Silverberg. Earth’s long descent into hopelessness and despair created a civilization divided into guilds. One such guild is the Watchers, charged with keeping vigilant watch over the heavens against the alien invasion prophecy has long expected. But in a moment of weakness one skeptical Watcher is distracted… and the attack begins! Spared from destruction during the fateful invasion, the Watcher soon travels from the ancient city

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DCFinal CrisisMartian ManhunterReview

Or – “The Green Man Has Gone Away…” J’onn J’onzz of Ma’aleca’andra, aka John Jones, aka Marco Xavier.  The character who, arguably, really represents the beginning of the Silver Age at DC.  Invisible, super-strong, super-speed, telepathic, intangible, shape-shifting hero with laser vision.  The heart and soul of the Justice League in many of it’s incarnations, a cornerstone of the DC Universe…  The Martian Manhunter is dead.  Long live the Martian Manhunter!

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