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I really have serious doubts about what is going on in the minds of H’wood these days.  If they aren’t hacking a property to death with an unedning array of sequels, the studios are rebooting franchises, or remaking movies ad nauseum.  What happened to the days of original flicks? The latest set of movies in active development are from Ridley and Tony Scott who are producing a prequel to the classic Alien film, as well as The A-Team, based on the NBC television series.  The producers swear up and down that the Alien movie is not a remake, but rather

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City of DustRadical PublishingReviewSteve Niles

Orwell was right. So was Stoker, and probably Seuss too. I imagine that as my son grows older he’ll have just as wild an imagination as his father – or even more so.  I see the signs now as he plays and talks, but I wonder what would happen if imagination were outlawed?  Would I break the law so my son could hear about the adventures of Superman, fables of the tortoise and the hare, or even the monsters that lurk under the bed?  Probably.  And if I lived in the City of Dust I’d be arrested quicker than those

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