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Damn Those Frogs! BPRD has become one of those soap opera comics where characters come and go, and those that readers thought dead return from the dead.  It’s also a series that has had some very major arcs, that at times seem disjointed from one another until the doo-doo meets the spinning prop.  The Black Goddess series started off as a story yanked from a different time, but by issues end, it all comes together George Peppard style.

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Despite the Ultimatum banner, there’s no Ultimatum story here (sorta) If readers were wondering how Ultimate Spider-Man would make the transition from the Return of Gwen Stacy story last issue, into the Ultimatum story line this issue, fear not, as nothing that takes place in Ultimatum appears in this issue.  Instead, this issue serves as a lead up to the crossover series, even though the crossover series has already begun.  Ah mega-events!  You gotta love ‘em!

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