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I enjoy looking at fairly well known comic book artists doing original work for others.  Today, Dominic Marco tackles a concept character by another writer.  Plus there’s a bonus image, that you can only see after the jump!

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With the Chaco conflict drawing to a close, Dominic Fortune is looking around for a new opportunity that will allow him to make some more cash. As luck would have it, he gets two very different offers at the same time, and the one he chooses, which was supposed to be the easy alternative, not only turns out to be a great deal of trouble but also leads to someone trying to kill him.

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Keeping with the convention theme comes Tim Seeley’s Hack/Slash #25 San Diego Comic Con variant.

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Platinum Studios is a silver sponsor for this year’s Free Comic Book Day being held in comic shops and books stores across the country. The company is taking it a step further by helping to get comics in the hands of military personel around the world. Working with Operation Troop Aid, the companies will send 27,000 comics and graphic novels to troops stationed in Iraq. In addition to sending comics around the world, Platinum Studios will be distributing a Hero By Night mini-issue, and a sneak peek of Gunplay. DJ Coffman, creator of Hero By Night, and Jorge Vega, creator

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