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While IDW Publishing continues to deliver some very good Doctor Who comics, there might not be enough Doctor goodness to satisfy your craving.  If that is the case, then check out Rich Morris’ fan-comic that features all ten of the Doctors, Daleks, and much more. He just completed the 247-page graphic novel on May 27th, 2009, and you can download the entire PDF over at Rich’s ComixBlog. via Journalista

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Doctor WhoIDW Publishing

Well this should make Matthew happy.  This two page splash is from issue #6 of IDW’s Doctor Who: The Forgotten.  WOOT!  All ten Doctors together! The art is by Kelly Yates, with the story by Tony Lee.  I know there’s going to be a delayed reaction from Major Spoilers #1 Doctor Who fan, but I’m just as tickled pink over this spread.  Guess what’s my new wallpaper today?  Go on, guess. via Tony Lee

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With the news that David Tennant will be stepping down as the tenth Doctor in the popular BBC television program, we thought it was time to look back at all the actors who have played the doctor, and let you fight it out on who is the best. FIGHT!

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