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Top Five Doctor Who Companion Departures

Throughout the show’s history, companions have died, fallen in love and departed, got cranky and walked out or finally returned home after being kinda…err, picked up by the Doctor.  Some have been more memorable than others.

Feature Top Five Unappreciated Doctor Who Monsters

Top Five Doctor Who Unappreciated Monsters

The list below presents my Top 5 Unappreciated Monsters, a legion of foes of the Doctor who almost, but just missed, being great.  I’d love to hear what your choices would be, in the comment section.


Top Five David Tennant Doctor Who Stories

Enter, David Tennant.  With credits too numerous to mention, but spanning stage, television, movies and radio, Tennant, with his reasonably good looks, light, breezy interpretation of the Doctor, and paired up with Billie Piper, elevated the series to new heights of popularity.

Feature Top Five Doctor Who Missteps

Top Five Doctor Who Production Missteps

No long running creative endeavor – whether it is a book or television or film series – is immune from making a fundamental error that jeopardizes the continued existence of that property. 

Feature Top Five Scary Doctor Who Episodes

Top Five Scary Doctor Who Stories

Some of the strongest, most striking episodes of Doctor Who are those that have drunk deep of the horror well.  Ostensibly a children’s show, Doctor Who has often taken great delight in terrifying the kiddies.  In Britain, the term ‘behind the sofa’ is directly related to the show’s ability to send the watching kids scurrying for the safety of the rear of that comfortable piece of furniture, safe from the harrowing images on screen.

Feature Top FIve Doctor Who Cliffhangers

Top Five Best Doctor Who Cliffhangers

When it comes to season finales, mid-season finales, or even Holiday specials, Doctor Who always makes it interesting. This week, we take a look at the Top Five Best Doctor Who Cliffhangers.


Top Five Moments In the New Era of Doctor Who

The new series of Doctor Who is 15 years old at this point, with over 130 episodes screened around the world.  That’s more than enough of a sample size to determine the Top 5 moments in the New Series!

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