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Stephen opens two boxes of the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition miniatures from WizKids, NECA, and Wizards of the Coast.

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Today we take a look at the savage and dangerous lands of Mandravo from the Critical Hit Podcast.

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communing with spirits
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The Major Druidic Orders have existed since time immemorial and may, in fact, be the oldest mortal organizations. The differences between the orders are philosophical, rather than, say, geographical or cultural and inter-order arguments can become quite heated. That said, all members of the orders recognize that their goal is the same, to protect spirits and non-spirits from each other. What follows is a quick overview of each organization; Their philosophies, practices and spirit associations, as well as the opinions of their detractors.

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Here at Major Spoilers we get frequent e-mails from our readers and podcast audience. One of the questions we get most frequently for Critical Hit goes something like this: Hey guys, My friends and I decided that, for a change of pace, we wanted to play an evil D&D campaign. So I ran them through character creation and we started playing… and it was a horrible mess! We didn’t get anything accomplished, the game devolved into a four-hour, player vs. player combat and one of the PCs insisted on killing and raping all peasants, livestock and furniture he came across.

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