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From the EditorWeek in Review

Who would have thought the week after the San Diego Comic Con would be full of such interesting moments?  Here’s a look back at what you may have missed last week. The signed Major Spoilers poster arrives at Stately Spoiler Manor Alien gets a prequel and Ridley Scott is going to direct Who knew two Fantastic Four covers would cause so much discussion Major Spoilers Adventures clocks in with the 2nd installment.  Extra points to those that recognized all the bad guys looked like Rodrigo. Victoria offers up advice for those wanting to Cosplay Who likes Dungeons and Dragons? Then

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Dungeons And DragonsGaming

When faced with the myriad of possibilities for making a character for a D&D game I very rarely choose to play a ‘divine’ character. Even in previous editions clerics and paladins never really did it for me. There’s something about that straight-up Judeo-Christian, lay-on-hands-smite-the-wicked shtick that seems a little overdone.

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Boom StudiosCthulhuReview

The turn What started out as a spooky tale of the last days of Atlantis, turned to a political thriller pitting brother against brother.  As issue #3 of Boom! Studios’ Fall of Cthulhu: Nemesis arrives, readers are once again treated to a spooky tale – this time with monsters.

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