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When I was in college, I worked for Disney World in Orlando, and one of the best things about the experience (besides all the people I met) was free park access. Being able to go to the parks at anytime meant we quickly discovered the best times and worst times to get on certain attractions. One of our favorite rides at the time was Star Tours. Timed just right we could ride four or five times in a row before other park visitors showed up. Nothing says fun like sitting in the prime seat and getting tossed around non-stop until

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Oni PressSneak Peek

I adored the first Salt Water Taffy volume written by Matthew Loux, and I’m really eager to dig into the second volume A Climb Up Mt. Barnabas, which arrives in store this week.  The second volume continues the all ages story of two brothers and their adventures at their parents summer retreat.  Oni Press has kindly sent us a sneak peek at the volume to share with everyone at Major Spoilers.

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