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Did You Hear? is a weekly examination of headlines in the entertainment industry and a take on what they could mean for the future of the industry and (often), the little geeky bubble that we occupy.

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Star Trek: Discovery Season 2
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I did not watch the first season of Star Trek: Discovery for a number of reasons, but when THAT big moment arrived, I knew it was something I would need to get to, soon. During the San Diego Comic-Con, CBS debuted a brand new trailer for the second season, and it happens to feature Christoper Pike. Yes, THAT Christopher Pike.

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Star Trek Discovery
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I remain quite a big fan of Star Trek, so I’m fascinated by the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery because, frankly, we haven’t had weekly Trek on the tube for quite a long time now.

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Star Trek: Discovery

We’ve been wondering when the premiere for Star Trek: Discovery would happen. This morning, CBS released that date, and it is a lot sooner than we thought it would be.

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Another San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone, and there’s been a TON of news! I always like to point out that media outlets will be catching up with everything that happened for at least the next month or so, so I recommend patience. To check out news from SDCC, you can still click on the button in the right-hand column of the site that has the SDCC logo that says, “Major Spoilers Coverage Here.” With the Internet providing instant contact for information, it’s given those of us who are fans the chance to express our opinions in a hyper-quick time

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Comics are constantly looking for ways to re-invent themselves. After all, they’re in direct competition with videogames and movies, all of which, well, move! The question is, how can comic books with stationary art compete with that? We just might be looking at the future in Faster Than Light, a new title from Image Comics. Apparently, creator Brian Haberlin has been working on this very thing when it comes to comics, and I like it!

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The Science Channel, the folks who brought us the BROWNCOATS UNITE: THE FIREFLY 10th ANNIVERSARY last year, have a couple of panels to share with us this year. Both of them sound interesting, and you can see all the information about them right after the jump.

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In an expanded ruling, the heirs of Jerry Siegel have nabbed even more Superman rights in their lawsuit with DC Comics.  Judge Stephen Larson has ruled that the family has successfully recaptured (and are co-owners of) the rights to the following works: (1) Action Comics No. 1 (subject to the limitations set forth in the Court’s previous Order); (2) Action Comics No. 4; (3) Superman No. 1, pages three through six, and (4) the initial two weeks’ worth of Superman daily newspaper strips. Ownership in the remainder of the Superman material at issue that was published from 1938 to 1943

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It’s sad when really great artists pass away, as it means there will never be new work from that creator.  In honor of the passing of Vampirella artist Jose “Pepe” Gonzalez, today we’re giving you a glimpse of the work he did with vampire from outer space.

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The Humanity NOW! organization is really causing grief for the mutants of the world, and with the hammer coming down, things don’t look too good.  Marvel has sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of The Uncanny X-Men #506 by Matt Fraction and Terry Dodson.

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How awesome is Dustin Nguyen?  Do you really need yet another example? Okay, since you asked, take the jump for the pencils from Detective Comics #850 featuring Hush’s discovery of the Batcave. Awesomeness Ahead!

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While 20th Century Fox wanted to screw Warner Bros on the release date of the Watchmen movie, hoping for a mid-2009 court date, U.S. District Judge Gary Allen Feess set January 6, 2009 as the day for opening comments.  This still give Warner Bros. time to meet the March release date. Feess indicated Tuesday that the case was not suitable for preliminary injunction and that the issues were too complex to be resolved on an interim basis. The judge had already indicated that he wants the case to move quickly, asking the two parties previously for expedited discovery. With a

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IDW Publishing

IDW Publishing has announced it will publish the award winning The Dreamland Chronicles in a monthly format.  While the website features all the new material first, reading a dramatic story, like the current arc, can be quite frustrating as there aren’t any pages to turn once you reach the end.  The monthly format will work great for the Christian Sava tale. Dreamland tells the story of Alexander Carter and his discovery of a necklace that takes him to a magical world of his childhood dreams. There he finds danger, adventure, and romance. Every night he enters Dreamland, a world filled

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If you have ever dreamt of discovering the mother load of comic collections stashed in your grand parents closet, take a moment to read the first person account of the discovery of the Mile High Collection. I quizzed the Realtor for a while about the contents of the closet. He indicated that there were a bunch of old cowboy and horror comics from the 1950’s, which sure sounded good to me. I then asked him if there were any super-hero comics, and he said he thought there might be some old Batman and Superman comics, but he wasn’t sure. In

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