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One of the classic sci-fi stories I would really love to see made into a movie is the John Carter of Mars.  Production has started and stopped so many times, it’s hard to remember who was involved with what.  Iron Man director Jon Favreau was involved in the movie at one point, and offered up a shot of Woola (the dog like creature from the series) that was whipped up during that time. If audiences can put up with a naked Dr. Manhattan running around for two hours, than bare breasted beauties from Mars and John Carter wang shouldn’t be

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Much like the public quote fest that took place between Iron Man director Jon Favreau and Marvel over Iron Man 2, Samuel Jackson and Marvel have been talking back and forth through the media for some time as the two tried to work out a deal to get Jackson back in the eyepatch of Nick Fury.  Things looked pretty tense as Marvel did away with Terrence Howard and replaced him with Don Cheadle in the role of Jim Rhodes. The good news is a deal has been reached.  The better news is Jackson has signed a nine – NINE! –

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Because you like girls in bikinis, and because Iron Man is the topic on everyone’s lips as of late, Marvel comes to the rescue with this cover for Iron Man: Viva Las Vegas written by the film’s director Jon Favreau. The title is available right now. via Marvel

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