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I’ve been a fan of his since seeing his Spider-Man work, and today I offer up a piece from his original creation Bastion’s 7. This month I finish my run on Spectacular Spider-Man Animated. 2 seasons flew by really quick. During the time off, until another season gets picked up, I’ll be working on my Bastion’s 7 property. I have been hungering to cut loose. After picking up books from my peers, and getting tips from my sensei, Jeff Johnson, I think I’m ready to do it up proper. Sequentials scare the poop outta me. I guess what I fear

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Ever since seeing the new Amazing Spider-Man cartoon series, I’ve been interested in the art stylings of Sean “Cheeks” Galloway.  Today we offer up his take on some DC characters. Something to hold you over, until I widdle out the winner from the 6 finalists. For this line-up of DC characters I wanted to keep the lines loose, as well as the coloring. Hope y’all digs! via Deviant Art

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The end of yet another era This month sees the end of three Batman family titles, with Nightwing being the first to go dark.  It seems fitting that of the three (Nightwing, Robin, Oracle), that Dick Grayson takes the bow, as he was the first side-kick.  With Batman “dead” (snicker-snicker, foolish citizens of the DCU), it appears the Dick is up for the task of protecting the city, but is the city ready for Dick?

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