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Black LightningDCReview

When it all went to hell For the most part, the Year One stories from DC Comics tend to follow the origin stories of the characters with a little extra thrown in for taste.  In the case of Black Lightning, it looks like an entire retcon is taking place.  The Tobias Whale plot is still there, but toss in a dose of magic and mysticism, and Talia al Ghul and you’ve got a very different story from the one you read in the 1970’s.

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mark millarTrade PaperbackWanted

I you wandered through your LCS this week, you may have seen Angelina Jolie looking back at you.  That’s because Top Cow has released the Wanted Movie Edition Trade Paperback to capitalize on the upcoming DVD release. The WANTED MOVIE EDITION not only contains the hit comic story by Mark Millar and J.G. Jones, it also features a movie photo cover (see attached), interviews with the director and cast of the film, a character dossier, deleted scenes, a making-of-the-comic featurette and more. I think some are going to be dissappointed when they purchase the trade and find out Jolie on

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