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Is there life on Earth and does that mythical place even exist at all? Well both those extremely important questions are answered after Troy and Dillon discover the Voyager probe floating in space and take it to Dr Zee for analysis. The path to the promised land is now clear and although Adama is considering a completely different path, the rest of the governing council decide that the not inconsiderable risk is worth taking. However nobody bothered to inform NORAD that the Galactica was on its way and the Presidents response is both swift and deadly.

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Dreamworks has announced it is making an adaptation of Platinum Studios Atlantis Rising, and currently has Len Wiseman attached to direct the sci-fi action flick.  The film will be produced by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, and Platinum Studios CEO Scott Mitchell Rosenberg. In “Atlantis,” an underworld civilization is discovered after seismic rumbles announce its presence. Hostilities with Earth’s land-dwellers ensue. “In all the classic versions of this kind of movie, the threat is always from the stars,” Orci said. “The idea that it’s somehow our cousins who went off in a different path of evolution who have been here,

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