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Hey Yo!  Just a few more days to get your costume entry in for the 2nd Annual Major Spoilers Costume Contest.  Lots of entries already (look for them on Sunday), but we just want to send out a reminder to those of you who keep saying you’re going to enter. And be sure to check out Diesel Sweeties for the rest of the strip we swiped the first panel from.

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Check out this presentation given by Diesel Sweeties creator Richard Stevens and Octopus Pie creator Meredith Gran.  The two spoke at Google last month as part of Google’s AtGoogleTalks presentations. It’s a long one, but something to occupy your Friday. [youtube][/youtube]

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The very popular Diesel Sweeties webcomic has announced it is ending its newspaper run in mid-August. This is my decision, I wasn’t fired, I don’t regret it and I’m not gonna blame anyone. No dissing Garfield. I am “crazy amounts of” looking forward to being my own CEO again. There will be nary a bump in schedule for the main webcomic. Health and time issues aside, I’m surprised the series lasted as long in the papers as it did.  Diesel Sweeties does so much better on the web than it could ever do in the local newspaper read by the

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